The best Wedding Videographer in Malta
Malta Wedding Videographer

Prices from £1600

Malta is Europe’s hottest new wedding destination

Malta is an attractive, affordable and accessible option for a Destination Wedding.

Malta, the largest in an archipelago of beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, is just over three hours from the UK

Malta gets over 300 days of sunshine a year, so you can enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the island and 7,000 years of history.

It is a wedding destination that will not blow the budget either, so the breathtaking ceremony in a historic venue you always dreamed of has never been so easy to create.

Destination Wedding Videographer Steve Hood Films has travelled across to Malta for many Destination Weddings over the past decade.

weddings in Malta
The best wedding videographer in Malta

Photograph courtesy of Joseph Hall photography

Watch this Malta Wedding Video Trailer

Couples choosing a Wedding in Malta can find a variety of stunning locations including beachside backdrops to elegant castles and private villas. There are also a selection of large and small wedding venues on Malta’s sister island Gozo.

Malta has it all!  Ideal for weddings all year round, Malta offers sunshine even in the winter months, making a perfect destination for your wedding abroad. 

malta wedding video
Wedding Venues in malta

Photograph courtesy of Elliot Nichol photography

Watch this romantic Wedding Video filmed in Malta

Steve Hood Films are one of Malta’s leading Destination Wedding Videographers and we are experienced in filming Weddings across this beautiful island.

Best Wedding Videographer for Malta
Weddings in Malta by Steve Hood Films
The Best Wedding Video in Malta
GOZO Wedding Videographer
The Best Wedding Videographer in Malta

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