Required by GDPR Law

My Commitment to Your Privacy

 If you’re reading this you’re probably well into keeping information on yourself private.

 Rest assured I am totally committed to keeping your information private.

 Here is Steve Hood Films commitment to the GDPR:

What Information I Collect

You are probably here to search for a Wedding Videographer and if that’s the case I need to ask for a few details from you in order to get in touch so we can plan your Wedding Films.

My website doesn’t store any information on you so there’s no need to worry on that front.

On my Contact Form I ask for

Name – So I can reply with “Dear Steve, Thanks for your enquiry”

Telephone number –  so I can let you know by text that my email reply has probably ended up in your spam folder

Email – so that I can reply with some details of my packages and prices/quotes for my services.

What I Do With This Information

 I don’t have a system that stores all of your data, but will be sure that if I do it will be  GDPR compliant

When your details come through on an email which I access on my computer or iphone which are both password protected.

 I have a folder on my computer where I store all my receipts when contracts are sent out.

I have another folder where I store all the information about the filming plan for your Wedding, timings, information about if I’m getting fed on the day where I need to be and when etc

 If you’ve booked a film package with a second shooter I will pass on the form which you’ve filled out with all the info on about your wedding day which includes your phone number so that they can be in the right place at the right time too.

 If your Wedding Film attracts the attention of Wedding blogs or similar sites you would always need to agree to sharing it,  so you’ll definitely be consulted before this happens.

Right to Access, Rectification and Erasure

If you wanted to access what information I hold on you, you can get in touch and check out what is there.

 If you want me to amend or delete anything you’ll need to request this in writing so I know what it is you want.

 Once I’ve delivered your images you can of course ask me to delete everything in my folders.

How I Use Videos of You

 I take lots of footage and audio of you, apart from delivering these to you I do also share some of the images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website.

It is very good advertising for me and I’m sure you appreciate how important it is for my business.

I do ask your permission to share these in my contract but if you don’t want anything to be shared for whatever reason then of course I will respect that, I just need to know about it in advance.

By booking a Wedding Videographer for your day I assume that your guests are absolutely fine for us to capture images of them but if anyone doesn’t want to be filmed and makes me aware, I won’t take any footage of them.

 It is  your responsibility to make sure your guests are happy to be filmed.

3rd Party Suppliers

 I may need to ask my suppliers to ship directly to you.

I understand the suppliers I use are also compliant with GDPR and will not be signing you up to any non GDPR compliant websites.

GDPR Compliance

I try and keep up to date with the latest legislation and I’m proactively working towards being fully GDPR compliant.

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