A Gosfield Hall Wedding Video

Harriet and James first contacted me in January 2017 when they were planning their Wedding at Gosfield Hall and we had a meeting in Late March of that year.

I was so pleased when they commissioned me to film their Wedding as they are such a relaxed and happy couple who enjoy life.

To make sure they got the best possible Wedding Film they decided upon my two Videographer film collection and I was assisted on the day by Tomasz Kornatowski.


Harriet and James had Kevin and Sabrina from Pengelly photography as their Wedding photographers.

I just knew that it would be a ‘fun’ day and I was proved right, here is their 3 minute ‘Teaser Trailer’ ……enjoy !


Castle Hedingham Ceremony





How to Make the Best Wedding Film


1) Getting ready.

Getting ready

No doubt listening to music in the background whilst you get ready is a good idea. At certain times we might ask for the music to be turned off though…….because we want to capture the sounds of  a champagne cork popping or the Bride or Groom reading a card out loud. If you are giving out gifts to the Bridal party and you want it to be part of your film then make sure we are in the room when this happens. Another big thing to consider is the lighting in the room where you are getting ready, natural light is always our favourite and will make you look your best on the video, however sometimes make-up artists will want to put the lights on to make it easier for them to work, maybe turn the lights off  occasionally to allow us to capture you in some natural light.

2) Ask us to capture the Groom getting ready too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.00.24

It’s not all about the Girls. Some of the best story building shots are captured whilst the Groom and the boys are getting ready. We like to get shots of the guys with ties, cufflinks and buttonholes, it doesn’t take long to get those shots and you will definitely see how important they are.

3) Your Ceremony Vows

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.04.06

We will position microphones around the Church or Ceremony room to capture the best audio from your vows, very small lapel microphones on the Grooms jacket can produce outstanding quality. Personally written vows are a favourite of ours. It’s always a great way to tell part of ‘your’ story.

4) Readings


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.13.41.png

Readings can make great soundbites for your Feature film too so we will place audio devices strategically to capture the best sound from your readers.

5) Confetti

Confetti 2

If you want one of those stunning slow motion confetti shots that you have seen then you want to have that confetti that hangs in the air longer, some venues and churches will ask you to use certain types of confetti like lavender or dried petals. If that is all you are allowed then so be it, it will still be a great shot

6) The Speeches – should you use the Venues P.A.?

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.15.54.png

If you can be heard by your guests without using the P.A. microphone, then we recommend that you don’t use it.

Not using the P.A. microphone during the speeches ensures that our microphones capture the audio in a natural way, which means it sounds better in the audio that we use in your wedding film. Of course if you’re in a large reception room and your guests are too far away from the top table then a P.A. microphone will be needed and we might be able to get a direct audio feed from the P.A. or use different recording devices to ensure the best possible sound.

7) Getting a good view during the Ceremony and Speeches.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.17.52.png

Flowers look great in the Ceremony room and Reception, we might need to reposition larger floral displays during the Speeches to ensure we have a clear view of those important people but we will always check with you first. If you are giving out flowers as gifts to anyone on the top table it is also a good idea to make sure they don’t block the cameras view at that point.

Round Top tables make it difficult to capture everyones faces and get the best ‘reaction’ shots during the Speeches

8) The First dance.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.25.16.png


A high percentage of couples will shuffle around the dance floor during their First dance. That’s fine if you aren’t naturally gifted with those killer dance moves then we can still get some fantastic shots at this point. If you are planning on doing a dance routine, please let us know in advance so that we can position different cameras with wider angled lenses on to make sure we get a variety of shots.

9) The Golden Hour and Sunset shots

Later in the day you might be tired, or feeling like it’s time to party after your meal.

Sometimes your Photographer and Videographer will see a great looking sunset, if we do, we will always ask you if you want to come outside for a quick 5 minutes extra to capture something special.

Instagram photos 12

10) Fireworks or Sparklers, maybe both !!!

Always looks great on film and photos














Danielle & Andrew Pre-Wedding shoot



Danielle & Andrew are having a July 2018 Alpheton Hall Barns Wedding

We met up with them on a Sunny April afternoon to plan their Wedding Film and take a few Pre Wedding shots for a short video.

We spent around an hour walking around the grounds at Alpheton Hall Barns looking for all the best locations to use on their Wedding day.

Alpheton Hall Barns Website








Seckford Hall Wedding

Leanne Carhart married Ipswich Town Footballer Tommy Smith at Seckford Hall Hotel

Leanne and Tommy wanted to get Married in Suffolk where they lived and had lots of Family and friends, and after visiting a dozen local venues they set their hearts on a Seckford Hall Wedding.


Photographer on the day was Dan at D & A Photography http://da-photo.co.uk/

Woodhall Manor Winter Wedding

Woodhall Manor is a lovely venue all year round and just to prove it Vanessa and James got Married in early February. Despite the chill in the air we still managed to spend time outside taking photographs and exploring the grounds.

Sharon Cudworth 2

It was great to finally work alongside photographer Sharon Cudworth who took some terrific photographs.

Despite the intermittent showers we also managed to fly our drone and get some aerial shots of the venue. Take a look at Vanessa and James’ Wedding Trailer here………….



This is a very common question amongst brides and grooms these days.

You could request raw footage of your wedding for a multitude of reasons, but few couples understand exactly what raw footage actually is.

Most of the time it never even ends up being watched. Storage Space The first problem  has to do with the storage space that the raw footage takes up.

For us, an average wedding clocks in somewhere between 125 – 350 GB. and now as we sometimes shoot in 4K these files can be even larger

For most home computers and laptops, this is too large to save on your computer among all your other applications, music, and photos, so it becomes necessary to purchase an external hard drive to store the files.

Thousands of Files Raw footage is not easy to watch. It’s not something that can be burned to a DVD and watched on your television. Nowadays all videographers shoot on digital media, which means every time we start and stop recording, a new video file is created.

Now imagine how many times we do this throughout the entire 10-12 hour wedding day, not to mention that most of us are using 2-3 cameras for each wedding and shoot in an unprocessd RAW format such as SLog

RAW Footage

Colour corrected footage

What you end up with is hundreds of 10-60 second clips which we must then sort, color correct imperfections, and then ultimately piece together to create a story.

Do you have the time to sift through and double-click, watch for a few seconds, close, double-click, watch, close, hundreds of times?

Our Solution We do still offer raw footage for a small cost for those who really want it, however we do provide something a step above.

Our Documentary Edits run anywhere from 1-2 hours in length, and are an easy way to watch all of the raw footage from the day without the hassle of scrub through video clips all night.

This extra content is ready-to-watch, and can be included with every one of our wedding videography packages.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.14.48

Halloween Wedding at Old Hall, Ely

Megan and James were Married at Old Hall




  I was lucky enough to be asked to film their Wedding on October 31st 2017

Here is a 4 minute Teaser Trailer for their film


Hintlesham Hall Wedding Videographer


Hintlesham Hall is one of my nearest Wedding Venues and I Love filming there in every Season of the year.

Jade and Jon celebrated their Wedding in the middle of October so the Autumnal colours were very evident.

Photographers on the day were Kevin and Sabrina from Pengelly photography
They are terrific fun to work alongside.
Couples always say how well we work together as a team on the day – so it must be true.

The Bridal party got ready in the ‘Braganza’ suite whilst Jon and his Groomsmen were in ‘The Cherry Orchard’
Scintillo string quartet played during the ceremony and whilst Jade’s Grandfather walked her down the aisle.

Please watch their 3 minute Teaser Trailer below and enjoy some of the photographs taken by Kevin and Sabrina.

Jade & Jon // Hintlesham Hall Suffolk from Steve Hood Films on Vimeo.

Kensington Rooftop Gardens Wedding Videographer

Kensington Rooftop Gardens


In August 2017 we filmed the Wedding of Charlotte & Ben and the beautiful Kensington Rooftop Gardens in London. What a terrific couple and awesome venue for a Wedding.

Charlotte & Ben :: Rooftop Gardens Kensington Wedding from Steve Hood Films on Vimeo.

MALTA Wedding Videographer


Malta Wedding Videography


Thank you for dropping by and taking the first steps in finding your wedding film makers….  

We try to create stunning Wedding films for our couples so you’re in the right place and if you are looking for a Wedding Film with a modern, unique and emotionally engaging feel.

We truly Love Malta and because we have links to the island we can offer unique film packages that would suit UK couples who choose Malta as their Destination Wedding location.

Take a moment of your time to look at our work and decide for yourself.

We are based in the South of England just a short hop from Stansted Airport so we travel all over Europe to film Weddings.

Paradise Bay Wedding Malta

Ellie & Callum :: Paradise Bay Malta from Steve Hood Films on Vimeo.