So let’s look at why you should hire a Videographer for your wedding.

There are things that a film can capture that photography alone simply can not.

Malta Wedding Videographer

  1. Reliving the Moment

A film enables you to watch and listen to your vows.

A wedding film can also evoke the emotions of the day again and capture those smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses that made the day so memorable.

There is nothing that will fill your heart like seeing a proud parent getting caught up on a word during the speeches because they are so incredibly proud to see their little girl all grown up and beautiful on her wedding day.

A Wedding Video is also a great way to share your special day with anyone that is unable to attend.

Years from now, when you’re showing your grandchildren what it was like at your wedding, you’d be able to show them the people they might not have had a chance to meet.

A wedding film is also something special to watch on each anniversary to remind you of the love you still share with each other.

Babington House Wedding

  1. How to find  the right wedding videographer for you.

A good starting point is to ask your friends who have had a good experience with their videographer or ask your wedding planner or photographer, as they will have worked with and know the best videographers.

Recommendations are the best way to find the most reliable and talented film makers for you.

Once you have a shortlist of favourite videographers the next step is to have a chat over email to see if you have a good rapport with him or her, to see if your personalities and ideas match.

Chippenham Park

  1. Has your cinematographer ever worked with your photographer?

It is also very important to see if your cinematographer works well with photographers.

This results in much better photographs and videos and a happy couple.

The Wedding is about you, so your Wedding film should be about you.

Dove Barn Suffolk.jpg

4. The final quality of the product:

Before you even look at the prices, go through the videographer’s portfolio. Look at the  style, and quality of each film and check the audio quality too.

Hengrave Hall Wedding

5. Choosing a style of wedding film

There are many different styles of wedding films you can choose from but the most common are :-

Cinematic styles : A Modern edit with cinematic music. With a story of your day and will include some speeches and ceremony soundbites. Often a short edit between 15-25 minutes long. Usually with separate films for your ceremony and speeches.

Documentary: A more traditional videographer, this style is a simple chronological account of the day and might be much longer.

Hengrave Hall Videographer.jpg

Cinematic Trailer : A 1-5 minute highlights film like a movie Trailer usually for sharing on Instagram or Facebook.

Extras you might want with your film might include drone footage, make sure your videographer has insurance and a permit to fly from the relevant Civil Aviation Authority, they will also need permission from the venue.

Drone footage is always weather dependant too.

Hengrave hall

6. On the day:

Allowing a little extra time during the bride and groom portraits for both the photographer and videographer to get the shots they need, will provide you with the best result.

Most photographers will let the videographer direct some of the shots he or she needs as poses and styles between the photographer and the videographer can be different.

This again is where it is important to make sure that your videographer and photographer work well together.

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